A definition of sovereignty

Sovereignty is having ultimate authority over a territory, with the absolute right to govern thus, a sovereign state is one that governs itself, independent of any. Definition of sovereignty written for english language learners from the merriam-webster learner's dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count. Sovereignty definition, meaning, what is sovereignty: the power of a country to control its own government: learn more. Sovereignty definition, the quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority see more. National sovereignty is the idea that independent nations, which have declared their independence, have an organized government and are self-contained, have a right. Sovereignty of god the sovereignty of god is the biblical teaching that all things are under god's rule and control, and that nothing happens without his direction. ‘she said that women desire control and sovereignty over their husbands’ ‘we no longer had sovereignty over our own credit, currency, and related banking. Definition of national sovereignty in the legal dictionary - by free online english dictionary and encyclopedia what is national sovereignty meaning of national.

a definition of sovereignty

1 a definition of sovereignty in his classic, the king's two bodies (1957), medievalist ernst kantorowicz describes a profound transformation in the concept of. Sovereignty definition: sovereignty is the power that a country has to govern itself or another country or state | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of sovereignty in the definitionsnet dictionary meaning of sovereignty what does sovereignty mean information and translations of sovereignty in the. Sovereignty of god definition - what have theologians said throughout the years about god's sovereignty read these quotes. Define national sovereignty national sovereignty synonyms, national sovereignty pronunciation, national sovereignty translation, english dictionary definition of.

Looking for definition of sovereignty sovereignty explanation define sovereignty by webster's dictionary, wordnet lexical database, dictionary of computing, legal. Popular sovereignty the concept that political power rests with the people who can create, alter, and abolish government people express themselves through voting.

Main entry: sov r ign y pronunciation: säv-(-)r n-t, säv-rn-, s v-function: noun inflected form(s): plural -ties 1 a: supreme power especially over a. Definition of sovereignty: the possession of sovereign power supreme political authority paramount control of the constitution and frame of government and its.

A definition of sovereignty

a definition of sovereignty

Sovereignty is the right of a government to have complete control over its area the idea that this right comes from doing good things for the people under control of. Sovereignty general principles what is sovereignty under current international law, sovereignty is defined as follows: sovereignty in the sense of contemporary.

Define sovereignty sovereignty synonyms, sovereignty pronunciation, sovereignty translation, english dictionary definition of sovereignty n pl sov r ign ies 1. Sovereign definition, a monarch a king, queen, or other supreme ruler see more. Sovereignty is one of the most essential and unique features of the state find its definition, features and 5 kinds of sovereignty. Definition of sovereignty in us english - supreme power or authority.

Legal sovereignty is a concept thats occurs in british courts, and other countries that have a court system and parliamentary system as well as having a monarch the. Max weber wrote extensively on the state, and his idea was that sovereignty is the result of a state having, after a legitimation process, guaranteed the monopoly of. Heinonline -- 97 am j int’l l 782 2003 sovereignty-modern: a new approach to an outdated concept by john h jackson' although much criticized, the concept. Definition of sovereignty in the audioenglishorg dictionary meaning of sovereignty what does sovereignty mean proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic.

a definition of sovereignty a definition of sovereignty a definition of sovereignty a definition of sovereignty

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